5 Best Places to Find Cheap Basketball Shoes

Nowadays finding cheap basketball shoes with good quality is a big deal. You can find cheap basketball shoes from any online store or retailer but no one can guarantee about the quality of those shoes. You need to do all your research and make yourself familiar with the sites and stores that are offering these basketball shoes for discounted price but good quality.

In this article we are going to provide you a list of stores/websites to find cheap discounted basketball shoes:

Ultimate Cheap Basketball Shoes Comparison Guide:

Places to Find Cheap Basketball Shoes

1) Eastbay:


Eastbay offers basketball shoes in affordable prices. If you want to save money while buying new basketball shoes then this is the best place for you. Here you can get variety of basketball shoes from popular brands. Here you can find basketball shoes starting from $59.99.

Here are some good deals at the time:

  • Nike Hyperdunk Low – Men’s Width – D – Medium shoes in $89.99. No shipping charges.
  • Nike Hyperdunk Low – Men’s Width – D – Medium Kay Yow shoes only in $89.99.
  • Jordan AJ1 Mid – Boys’ Grade Schoo. Only$49.99.

To buy cheap basketball shoes from Eastbay visit this page. Eastbay current basketball shoes discount offer: 15% off no minimum purchase required. You can also use this code to purchase new cheap basketball shoes: IPEB3758

2) Kickz.com


Kickz.com has a long list of low price basketball shoes. They provide branded shoes in discounted prices. In this site, you can get a large variety of basketball shoes with various features and different colors.

  • Adidas rose 773. This shoe is available in red, white and black color and in different sizes.
  • K1x it’s an anti gravity shoes. Available only in red color. It is also available in all different sizes.
  • Nike Overplay7. It’s available in colors grey and royal blue.

Kickz.com Basketball Shoes Discount Offers: you can get summer sale as 70% off, open this page.

3) Dicks Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods

Exclusive variety of good quality branded basketball shoes for sale. Dicks Sporting Goods is a retailer of good quality and cheap sporting goods. The Starting price range of good basketball shoes is $79.99.

Here are some good basketball shoes deals on Dicks Sporting Goods:

  • Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro IV basketball shoes. Its total price is $69.99 available in black and white color combination.
  • Adidas Women’s Commander TD basketball shoes. Its actual cost is $60.00 but here you can get this basketball shoes only in $49.99. You save more than $10.00.
  • Jordan Kids’ Toddler Phase 23 2 Basketball Shoe. It’s available in $44.99. You can get free shipping with this online purchase.

You can get more branded basketball shoes with a good deal on this page.

4) Footlocker.com


Footlocker.com offers a wide range of attractive basketball shoes in low price. In Footlocker.com you can get branded shoes in low prices. Their starting price range is $69.99.

Here are some current good deals:

  • Jordan 1 Flight – Men’s Width – D – Medium. Its real cost is $99.99 but Footlocker.com offers you this shoes only in $69.99. That is a big saving for you.
  •  Nike Air Way Up – Men’sWidth – D – Medium. Its market price is $119.99 but here these shoes are available in $99.99. It’s available in black and white color combination.
  • Adidas Originals Superstar 2 – Women’s Width – B – Medium Leather. Its price is $69.99. Footlocker provides you free shipping facility.

Footlocker has a great collection of cheap basketball shoes. To explore more options check there site here.

5) Basketballshoestang.com

This is one of the popular sites to buy new basketball shoes. You can save maximum money with the purchase of new shoes from this site. They mainly supply branded but affordable basketball shoes. In this site, you can buy your first basketball shoes only in $73.00.

  • Adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2 Low Blue Yellow. Its market price is $155.00 and Basketballshoestang.com provides you this shoe only in $72.99. You can save 53% money.
  • Air Jordan Super Fly 2013 Olympic. Its original rate is $180.00 but here you can get this shoe only in $73.99 so you can save 59%.
  • Nike Air Max+ 2013 Cyan Running Shoes. Its original cost is $168.00 and here it’s available at $73.99. You can easily save 56%.

Check out their current stock of new basketball shoes on this page.

Hope you won’t have to search online anymore for finding places to buy cheap and affordable basketball shoes.

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